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This is the site to learn how to stop working in your business, and start working ON your business! Automate your way to freedom! The blog posts below are the latest and greatest of what this site has to offer. Enjoy!

Never miss another meeting … Or wrestling the calendar monster

Today I messed up Yes, I made a mistake.  The first step in automation, as i’ve spoken about before,  is to identify a problem specifically, and only then look for a solution.  Today I had an example of a problem that became all too obvious when I realized that...

How to Remember All the Daily Tasks and Accomplish the Big Goals

Every entrepreneur knows that as their business grows and as they become more and more prolific in their own content creation efforts, they find that a growing number of things that needs to be done every day.  Not to mention following up with any number of project...

Intro to Automation and What is IFTTT?

Many times on this site you will see reference to or IFTTT. This is pronounced like “gift” but without the letter G and it literally stands for “if this, then that”.  IFTTT is one of a growing number of online services that are helping everyday people do...

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