Keep Up With All The News In 1/2 The Time – and Curate Content Like a Pro

The traditional approach

Doing business online we all know how important it is to not only create engaging and valuable content for your readers, but also to share content from other sources to establish yourself as a person of influence in your niche.

Of course, to know why to share you have to keep up with it yourself! That means you need to visit and keep up with a lot of blogs right? And in case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of content on the Internet!

If you have been just bouncing between favorites in your browser, STOP IT.

There is a better way!!

One of the most popular ways to stay on top of all of the information that other people in your niche are creating is to have their blog “feed” in a newsreader.  This, as you may know, will list all the latest articles from all the sources (feeds) that you have added to it.

20140603-123249-45169933.jpgMy personal favorite reader is  Not only is the web interface really great, so are the mobile apps.  In fact, I find myself using the mobile apps more often than the web interface strictly because of the convenience.

A killer feature

One of the coolest features in Feedly is the ability to natively send the article you are reading to a number of other services. For example, you can send a link to an article to twitter, or you could save it to your pocket account. But as a business owner I don’t want to bother my customers by posting to Twitter four or five articles in a row.  And I normally try to catch up on all the feeds in one sitting so that could easily happen!  Especially, If it is really good information that I want to share with them!  What we need to do is to spread this content we curate over the course of a few hours or even a few days.  I use buffer to do this, and it is also one of the integrated sharing options on Now, every time I see an article I want to post to Twitter, I simply press the buffer button and it will go into the first available time slot!  After I have finished catching up in Feedly, I then go to my bufferapp account and I will move the last few articles I added into more appropriate timeslots. No more than a couple articles per day. Now we are starting to work smart! But we can do even better…

The problem

After you have been using the above method for some time, and you have been trying to keep up with the news in your niche, you know that there are still a number of other websites and blogs that will occasionally touch on the subject of your particular niche. The problem is you don’t need, or want, to have every article from them clogging up your newsreader.  There are a number of services out there that will notify you if there is a mention of some sort or another, such as Google alerts, but that takes you out of the flow when you are in the zone of content scanning and looking for useful nuggets of information to curate for your readers.  I want it all in one place – in my news reader where I already have all my other sources listed.

And now for something really special… The solution

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have your internet search results for your particular niche directly fed into your news reader? Good news, you can! Google news service has a number of news categories that can be directly set up as an RSS feed!  And, even more than that, Feedly lets you set a keyword search as feed! That’s a fairly technical sentence, allow me to explain.  Basically, you go into Feedly and in the search box to add a source, instead of doing a search for a blog you follow, like, “Acme Puppy Power Blog,” or perhaps “Prolific Success Blog” (an excellent choice I might add), you can also/instead simply type in your keyword, “Puppy Training”, or “Virtual Reality business consulting for nearsighted gerbils”, or whatever keyword you niche is about.  You will have the option, as usual, to add it to one of the folders, or containers of the other feeds you may have.

Stay in the Zone

Now, you not only can catch up on all the other blogs you want to read in one easy to consume location, but also you can keep an eye on the Google news results for you niche.  And, best of all its super easy to link to that content, wherever it may be from and post it out for your customers to benefit from too!


Feedly also allows you to tie into the IFTTT service and to Evernote!  I’ll be touching on these more in another article, but here are a few ideas I’ve got that you might want to take and run with too.

  • You find an article that you like, but may not be applicable to your readers. You can save this article into Evernote for reference later when you have time to take action on it.
  • Set up a recipe in IFTTT to email an article to yourself every time you mark it “save for later”.
  • If you Mark an article save for later, convert it to PDF and save it to your dropbox folder

Do you have a good way to consume industry content and curate it for your readers?  Have you set up any IFTTT rules to help you do so?  Let us know in the comments below!  Or, if not that’s ok too, I would still  love to hear what you thought of the article, and what else you would like to hear more about!




  1. Fantastic again. You keep hitting home runs! Can you make a bulletized cheat sheet for all these great ideas? I’d also like to get an email or tweet when you provide more info on one of these tools I am interested in.keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much for the info–it’s top notch!

    • Thanks Betsy! Glad you found it useful!



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