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This is the site to learn how to stop working in your business, and start working ON your business! Automate your way to freedom! The blog posts below are the latest and greatest of what this site has to offer. Enjoy!

Keep Up With All The News In 1/2 The Time – and Curate Content Like a Pro

The traditional approach Doing business online we all know how important it is to not only create engaging and valuable content for your readers, but also to share content from other sources to establish yourself as a person of influence in your niche. Of course, to know why to share you have to keep up with it yourself! That means you need to visit and keep up with a lot of blogs right? And in case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of content on the Internet! If you have been just bouncing between favorites in your browser, STOP IT. There is a better way!! One of the most popular ways to stay on top of all of the information that other people in your niche are creating is to have their blog “feed” in a newsreader.  This, as you may know, will list all the latest articles from all the sources (feeds) that you have added to it. My personal favorite reader is  Not only is the web interface really great, so are the mobile apps.  In fact, I find myself using the mobile apps more often than the web interface strictly because of the convenience. A killer feature One of the coolest features in Feedly is the ability to natively send the article you are reading to a number of other services. For example, you can send a link to an article to twitter, or you could save it to your pocket account. But as a business owner I don’t want to bother my customers by posting to Twitter four or five articles in a...

Automation Secrets – Top 10 Tools to Prolific Success

Everyone loves the idea of automating their business, or even parts of our personal life BUT you can only do that if you know what’s possible.  It’s true that when the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, but what about the reverse? If I don’t have any tools what do I do with all these nails? Take this note I got from a reader the other day for example, “My biggest problem right now is I know I’m doing a lot manually and I don’t even know what options are out there to improve this situation”  I totally understand this feeling!  I even find myself saying at times that “There has to be a better way!” As you might have guessed I love setting up automation, and learning how to use new tools and in general building a better mousetrap whenever I can.  My goal here is to go over some of the best tools and services I’ve found and see if any of them look like the “hammer” you need for the “nails” you have in your business, and in your life. Now, given the question above, you do need to have a look at my previous article “HOW TO FOCUS ON THE RESULTS, NOT ON TOOLS!” as it’s important to not chase after the shiny and new toys but still, knowing what you have in the toolbox will help you tackle any project!  Here are some of my favorite “tools” in my automation toolbox: Automation services: – Stands for If This, Then That. The core of most of the cool stuff you...

How To Focus On the Results, Not On Tools!

As an entrepreneur we have an abundance of ideas! Most of our ideas are actually very good, if I do say so myself, and I can completely relate to not wanting to lose any of those ideas, those strokes of genius. But I can also relate spending untold hours researching how to use a new piece of software, a new service or website that looks like it has so much potential for something that I might need one day. Or I may even have a definite need right at this moment but because there is so much potential there we still feel like we are panning for gold! But, alas, we are actually “wasting time”. If you only need to keep a to do list and you have 47 apps on your smart phone and even more than that on your computer I think you know what I’m talking about. Personally I can get lost in and Excel spreadsheet trying to find the perfect formula to make some numbers or a pie chart look just right. LOL! Below I have outlined a few steps that I use every day to keep moving forward and not get mired down working in my business instead of working on my business. This is the path to PROLIFIC SUCCESS! Step 1: Define the problem this is probably one of the most difficult steps, getting started!  Sure sometimes it’s obvious that you need to return some phone calls for you need to figure out which customers to send follow-up emails to. But we have to separate defining the problem from defining the solution. Be...

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