PSP01-Daniel J Lewis on saving time, automation, and publishing podcast episodes faster!

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At long last the Podcast is here!!  To start this off with a bang I bring on none other than Daniel J Lewis from  In this episode we explore the wonderful world of how technology can save us tons of time and make our life easier.  Daniel is amazingly smart and it truly is an honor to have had him on the show.  I highly recommend all of his podcasts.  Especially his show “The Audacity to Podcast” as its one of my favorite!  We talk about so many things but here are links to some of the mainitems for your reference:

I had an awesome time talking to Daniel and I thank him once again for being the very first guest on this podcast!  I always learn so much every time I speak to him.  If you have any questions for me, or for Daniel please leave a comment below.  And, if you have additional tips and tricks that would make good additions to the things we spoke about on this episode please let me know and I’ll be sure to add the to the note, or who knows, it might just turn into a whole blog post or podcast of its own!

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  1. Awesome content! Definitely a “must have” podcast. Yesterday the light at the end of the tunnel was an on-coming train… too much to do. TODAY that light is different. It is the way out of the “point-click-repeat” tunnel… thanks to Prolific Success!



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