Web Site Hosting

These guys are the masters of not only site hosting and in general just being an awesome domain host, but their customer service is second to none!  There are just SO many web site hosts out there that its really hard to know which ones are good and which ones are not.  I started using blue host for my site primarily due to many recommendations from friends and colleagues.  Registration was extremely simple and straightforward and the prices were among the best I had seen online. I did have a couple of questions however and I called their support. Their support department answered immediately, perhaps this was just my one time lucky experience but calling for technical support and having no waiting time at all was pretty amazing I have to say! And they resolved my problem very quickly and super professionally. I was thoroughly impressed to say least!  Its easy to see why everyone reccomends them, they are the best!  And, of course if sign up using my link I get an affiliate commission, which helps keep this site up and running! Thank you!

Online training courses

Internet Business Mastery Academy: Jason and Jeremy are some of the original Internet marketing and podcasting pioneers. Running a mid seven-figure business and being overall super nice and approachable guys there is no doubt this is the place to go if you want to start your own Internet business! I am a student and I love everything they do!

Screen capture software

  •  Camtasia Studio and Snagit –  awesome software, does everything you could want and they have it for both the PC and for the Mac!
  • Screenflow (for Mac users) awesome screen capture software if you use a Mac. Also used by many other online training companies and Internet marketers!  The gold standard!

Mind mapping software

I use Mindmapping to brainstorm and organize my thoughts, its one of the most useful and intuitive tools I own. They even have a free version! Check it out at: Mindmiester

Podcasting Related:

  • Libsyn audio file host
  • Soundcloud audio file host and social network
  • Radio Music Creative – Pro intro, and outtro music and jingles etc.

Podcast training:


I’m speaking at Podcast Movement!