Stop Repeating yourself! Automatically track what you tweet with IFTTT

How to automatically archive all the quotes I tweet

Tutorial by special request by Jeremy Frandsen of Internet Business Mastery

As many of you may know, I am a longtime fan and student of the Internet marketing giants, top rated podcasters, and super nice guys Jason VanOrden and Jeremy Frandsen from Internet Business Mastery. Recently I had a discussion with them about social media and during the conversation, Jeremy brought up an interesting problem and as I promised him then, this post is an answer to that problem and something that many other people could benefit from.  Allow me to explain…

Social Media consistency is important

As an entrepreneur, and as a podcaster, maintaining a solid social media presence is extremely important.

Providing regular content every day is a vital component of our social media presence, and providing information about not only your own products and services, or podcast and blog posts, but also linking to other people’s content and providing interesting other bits of information.

One of the most popular things that you can share are quotes.

Inspirational quotes, wisdom from historical figures, or even lighten it up with a quote from your crazy uncle Eddie! Some perform better than others (Tim Ferriss or Socrates might do better than uncle Eddie).   Regardless, everyone loves a good quote and it’s important to scatter them throughout your twitter feed and other content.

How to effectively curate, that is to find, track and share these quotes, is the specific topic at hand.

The problem:

Regarding these quotes specifically, or any category of information you curate, you of course don’t want to share the same information repeatedly.  That might come across as annoying to your Twitter followers or worse, seem like spam! But then again they do say that I tweet only lives about 90 minutes and some repetition is okay as well.  Discretion is key here, so use your best judgement for your followers.

The problem within a problem

When did I last use this quote??

That’s the key question, when did I last use this quote?  Asking some of my fellow entrepreneurs as well as Jason and Jeremy, it seems that everyone has their own way to track when a quote was posted.

The responses were surprising!

It seems that everyone has different ideas and methods of tracking what quotes we have used and when.

The result is the same however, before we post the quote or a link to something that we may have posted previously, we check our documentation to see if and when we posted this previously. Some people use a pad of paper and a pen, some people keep a Microsoft Word document and highlight anything they have already used, other people keep a spreadsheet and put a date on to the side. Others, who shall remain nameless, didn’t track it at all! GASP! Lol

Clearly there is a lot of room for some innovation here!

The Automated solution

As an entrepreneur my mind raced with possible solutions to this problem!  Solving a problem is like pouring gasoline on the fire of my mind! Especially when it’s something about automation!  I’m sure you all can relate to that burst of creativity and the satisfaction of solving a problem!

I have come up with what I think is a fairly ingenious idea, if I do say so myself!  I let the group know my idea only to be told that Jason VanOrden is already doing something very similar! Great minds think alike I guess!  Anyway, the idea is as follows:

Use an recipe that would take any tweet with #quotes and appended to the end of a Google docs spreadsheet or to the end of an Evernote note with the date and time stamp. 

This of course would also work with #tips, #podcast, #ProlificSuccessAutomationTipsIsTooLongOfAHashtag, or for any hashtag!

If you are a technology and automation geek like me, the above recipe just give you chills [Nerd flag flying high I know]!

This can be used to track any of the other things that you tweet and keep them organized as well by simply copying this recipe and using a different hashtag.

Now you can tweet, buffer, share or whatever to twitter and curate information from all over the web and, as long as you use one of the hash tags you set up, it will always be documented for your reference whenever you need it, automatically.

Also, just for fun I’m showing how to make this recipe on my iPhone.  You don’t even need to use your computer at all for this one, but you can of course.  Just let me know if you prefer that and I’ll make a quick tutorial for you on that too!

  1. Open up the IFTTT app and add a new recipe, and select Twitter as the first part


    Select Trigger

  2. Select “New tweet by you with hashtag” and press the big blue +
  3. In the hashtag box type, “#quotes” as shown in the picture below:IMG_7225
  4. Tap Done and we move on to the THEN portion of our recipeIMG_7226
  5. Tap the red +
  6. Now we have a choice, if you want to save your tweets in a google spreadsheet, select Google drive, then “add row to spreadsheet” IMG_7228
  7. Or, if you prefer to archive your quote tweets in Evernote, Select Evernote and “Append to note”
  8. For our example, we will use Evernote
  9. Simply tap Finish now, but wait, we have to tweak it just a bit! First, lets click edit:
  10. Here you see it has prebuilt a description for you and has set up a number of other details down below
    IMG_7231 IMG_7232
  11. I recommend taking a lot of the extra stuff out of the Body section as it really clutters up our tracking and what we want to use this for.  I suggest you make it look like the picture here, with just the text, a couple of line breaks (the <br> thingy), and the created date and time (CreatedAt) a couple more line breaks and some dashes to break up our list in Evernote:IMG_7233
  12. Post a tweet with the hashtag we setup, “#quotes” and you will see the following added to your evernote!  Woot woot! It worked!
  13. Lets run through it again quickly for Google spreadsheet:
  14. Pick twitter, new tweet from me with a hashtag of #quotes
  15. THEN, Google Drive, Add row to spreadsheet:IMG_7236
  16. Hit finish, then edit
  17. Modify it to keep it simple as follows, {{Text}} ||| {{CreatedAt}} which simply says put the tweet in one cell, and the date and time it was sent at in the cell next to it:
  18. I didn’t mention it in the Exernote example above, but you can customize where its stored too, here I caled the spreadsheet “my #quotes tweets”
  19. It should look like this when you are done:IMG_7240

That’s it!  start sending out some tweets and see how it works for you!  If you have any issues, or if I need to clarify something, or if you have an idea to make this recipe even more awesome please let me know in the comments below!  Thanks!




  1. Great post. I found this through Jeremy’s tweet. I am also a long time fan and student of IBM. Props on the post. Great content. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Billy! Jason and Jeremy are great guys!



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